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    "After your studies you can immediately apply for Hartz IV"

    25 printed interviews about possible future career paths of a graphic designer.
    Half way through the bachelor program at the University of the Arts in Berlin we were confronted with the unstable market situation in the field of applied arts as part of our first Bachelor thesis. As graphic design students, we questioned what our future held. The pressure on students is steadily increasing, especially in the field of arts where the insecurity of the job market leads to existential fear. How can we be confident in our future success if things like, "After your studies you can immediately apply for Hartz IV" are heard daily? We wanted clarification and sought out alumni of the graphic design class from the last five years. We gathered a wide range of experiences and presented it in form of a book. The idea was to show what professional possibilities graphic design can offer. In this book we have compiled the result of dozens of interviews illustrating a wide variety of career paths. The detailed collection of experiences presented in this book is encouraging and can serve as guidelines for everyone's future career.

    In collaboration with Lukas K√ľng.