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    Der Arbeitskreis

    Der Arbeitskreis is a project created by a group of five students from the graphic design class of Prof. Fons Hickmann at the University of Arts Berlin.
    This idea of forming a work group or "work-circle" (literal translation of "Arbeitskreis") arose from our main assignment. Our class was assigned the theme of "circles." This, combined with the problem of lacking the essential objectivity on one's own creative work, gave birth to the "Arbeitskreis," or AK for short. The concept of the AK aims to break entrenched habits and enable all participants to benefit from the knowledge and skills from eachother. Unlike a classic work group, participants are able to contribute their own individual ideas and as a result everyone puts in an equal part in the design process. The outcome of one person's input, which isn't always fully developed, works as the starting point for the next person. The final product of this two month experiment is a book that consists of four parts. Each documents and analyzes a different method of working together and illustrates the process of Der Arbeitskreis.

    In collaboration with Denis Yilmaz, Idan Sher, Peter Brücker and Vera Kellner.